Baffle and Cell Ceilings

Armstrong’s baffle and cell ceiling solutions are distinct architectural marvels in their own right.

Baffle ceilings offer flexible design and perimeter to core or fully discontinuous solutions. With durability and heavy-duty suspension, baffles balance the need for strength with the ability to bring interesting interplays of light and shade in architecture. Baffles areproduced from durable aluminium and are also available as flexible modules.

Open cells give a monolithic, yet functional, open-plenum look and creates a modern space. With easy access, a textured feel and versatile range, open ceilings help achieve function and ease of maintenance.

Why Open Cells?

  • Open cells deliver a monolithic visual with finished edges.
  • Wide variety of cell arrangements are available
  • Cell choices include 75mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm.
  • Material choices include GI and aluminium.

Intech’s Expertise

As authorized distributors for Armstrong, we bring rich experience to the installation domain as well. All measurements are made with a practical eye on implementation, to avoid small panels at the edges and cut files.

We have executed baffle type ceilings in different room shapes like S-curve and circular periphery. With perfect planning and alignment of lights, we ensure a bright and rich feel to the surroundings.

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  • Baffle-Ceiling
  • Baffle-Ceiling
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